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Fire Safety Equipment for Your Home

The best kind of home fire is no fire. Preventing a fire is much easier than trying to put one out and dealing with the aftermath it causes, but we’re not always able to do that. Sometimes a fire happens and that’s when detection and containment become critical. Here are two pieces of fire safety equipment every home, condo, and apartment should have.

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Creating a Fire Escape Plan and 6 Safety Practices

You’re awakened from a dead sleep by the sound of your smoke alarm going off. In spite of your grogginess, the smell of smoke hits you and you are wide awake. There’s a fire in your apartment or home. Do you know what to do? If you have children, do they know what to do?

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The Second 5 Top Causes of Home Fires

The end of October is a few days away. Even though Fire Prevention week is past, many fire departments across Dallas, north Texas, and the country take the month to educate people on the causes of home fires. Most of the emphasis is placed on reaching school age children with presentations at schools reasoning that if kids are educated, they’ll teach their parents what to do should a home fire occur.

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