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4 More Driving Scenarios for Your Teen Driver

Last week I introduced 5 driving scenarios to expose your teen driver to including left turns, dead traffic signal, rail road crossings, highway driving, and rush hour driving (see The reason for doing this is to give your teen practice at learning how to deal with complex traffic situations.

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Exposing Teen Drivers To Different Driving Scenarios

I’ve been driving for 40 years which sounds a lot longer than it actually feels. I’ve seen a lot of interesting driving scenarios during that time; people making turns from the wrong lane, cars driving the wrong way on a one way street, people moving across 4 lanes of traffic to make an exit, others who stopped on an entrance ramp, deer crossing a highway, people drifting into my lane, and much more. It continues to amaze me how fast a driving situation can change and how equally fast I’ve had to respond to what’s happening around me.

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