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Do Texans Get Free Roadside Assistance and Towing!?

A couple of times a year I’m asked if it’s true Texans get free roadside assistance just for living in our glorious state. Usually the question comes from a client either because they saw it on Facebook or received an email which has been circulated (multiple times now). No, it’s not some fake news article and there really is an 800 number on the back of your Texas driver’s license stating it’s for Texas Roadside Assistance.

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Speeding Tickets & Twitter

The last time I was “awarded” a speeding ticket was 10 years ago. Jonathan, his mom, and I were headed to College Station, Texas to celebrate Jordan’s birthday. I turned off I-45 in Madisonville when a local police official pulled behind me, switched on his lights, and pulled me over for speeding. I was, tried to talk my way out of it (I wasn’t paying attention, etc.) but it didn’t work; I still ended up with a speeding ticket.

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