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College Students and Property Insurance

My niece and intern, Lizzie, is heading back to Fayetteville, Arkansas this later this week for her sophomore year at the University of Arkansas. It’s pretty common for me to get questions from parents of college students this time of year regarding insurance for their students. Let’s review how to address property insurance for college students. To do so, I’ve divided this into two broad categories, those who live on campus in a dorm room and those who live off campus in a frat or sorority house, apartment, or rental home.

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Property Insurance for College Students

Students begin heading for college this week and classes will start in the next week or two. Along with the clothing, furniture, decorative items, and supplies they’ll be taking, there will also be smart phones, tablets, laptops, mini fridges, microwaves, coffee pots, game consoles, and a host of items to outfit the new dorm room or apartment.

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Insurance for College Students Personal Property

I was running through Wal-Mart yesterday to pick up a few things and noticed several aisles stocked with back to school supplies. There were notebooks, pens, paper, computer keyboards and mice in an assortment of colors, calculators, etc. Moms and dads were comparing available supplies with lists from schools and loading up their shopping carts.

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