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Would You Choose This Home Insurance Discount?

Home insurance companies provide a number of discounts. There are discounts for married couples, retired couples, homeowners with monitored alarms, new roofs, newer homes, updates to plumbing, electrical, and cooling systems, and for placing your car insurance with the same company too. In most cases, these discounts are given for something you do or have, not for giving something up. The home insurance discount Dave wrote about though was for something a policyholder gives up.

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Talking with Your Insurance Company Can Cost You

Last year, I wrote a post, Insurance Apps & Insurer’s Use of Your Questions (see where I outlined two insurance related bills the Texas Legislature passed. One bill allows Texas drivers to carry proof of insurance on their smart phone, the other bill barred insurance companies from using customer inquiries to cancel or non-renew, or to increase their premiums.

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