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How Home Insurance Claims are Paid

I had an interesting question last week from a prospective client. I was explaining personal property coverage on the home insurance quote I’d prepared for them when they asked, “If my house burned down, the insurance company will write me a check for $X to replace all my personal property?”

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Will Your Home Insurance Cover a Total Loss?

Do you have enough coverage in your home insurance policy to cover a total loss? Do you have the right coverage? The answer to these two questions may never be known until you experience a situation like over 100 homeowners did after Christmas when tornadoes rumbled through Red Oak, Garland, and Rowlett. Over 1,200 homes and businesses were damaged or destroyed by 11 tornadoes which ransacked parts of north Texas on December 26th.

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Home Insurance Claim Steps

Sheri and I headed to join friends over the New Year’s holiday after checking in with all our clients located in and around where the tornadoes struck Garland, Rowlett, and the surrounding areas last week. We drove out I-30 toward where the twister struck near where the George Bush tollway and I-30 intersect. The damage sustained by the apartment buildings on the south side of the freeway was incredible; starting with rubble and progressing along the buildings to lost roofs and major damage.

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