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Home Buyers and Flood Insurance

Brandi Wright, a realtor in Arlington, Texas sent me a text message earlier today asking a really interesting question, “Is there a way to find out if a home has ever had a flood claim?” Adding to the “Twilight Zone” coincidence factor, was an article appearing on Insurance Journal in my email this morning entitled, “States with the Best, Worst Home Flood Damage Disclosure Laws.” Let’s look at a couple of interesting notes related to the home buying experience and flood insurance.

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Home Insurance and Its Impact on Closing

I spoke to a group of realtors last week. It was the monthly meeting for the JB Real Estate Group (www.jbrealestategroup.com), and the topic I presented was, How To Keep Home Insurance from Derailing the Closing. We had a great discussion and I thought it would be beneficial to share what I presented here. I believe this information is helpful whether you are a home buyer, seller, realtor (listing or buying agent), or even a mortgage loan officer.

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Hail Claims and Roofers

One of my clients in Frisco, Texas sent me an email last weekend. Her family’s home is located in a neighborhood that was struck by hail, some of it measuring between baseball and softball size. A flurry of roofers showed up in their neighborhood and began knocking on doors to solicit business and my client wanted to know if she should file a hail claim.

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