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The Impact Rising Home Prices Have on Home Insurance

Home prices in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex have steadily risen since 2010. In December, they were up another 8.5% according to a recent Dallas Morning News article. Over the past 4 years, home prices in north Texas have surged more than 40%, and this impacts home buyers in several ways beyond just paying more for a home. The impact is felt with mortgages and even home insurance.

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Home Insurance and Rising Home Prices

The Dallas Morning News published an article on Friday, March 7th on the rising home prices of close in Dallas neighborhoods. In 12 months, prices have skyrocketed to historic highs while inventory of homes available for sale are at a 20 year low. Traffic at open houses has jumped and many sellers are receiving multiple offers for their home with most above the asking price. People who would normally be in the market to sell their house and move up are sitting on the sidelines for fear of not being able to find a home before they sell theirs.

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