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Car Insurance Claims and Police Reports

My youngest son was involved in a car accident about 10 days ago. The good news is he was not injured although he is a little sore from the airbag deploying and sustained some minor cuts from flying glass when the driver’s window shattered. It could have been a lot worse. His mom called me to let me know he’d been in an accident and that he was not hurt. She also asked me a question related to filing a car insurance claim that is worth sharing.

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Car Insurance and Not-at-Fault Claims

Early in my insurance career, I was attending a larger party with a number of friends when a woman came up to me with tears in her eyes. Her husband, who was coming in their other car, had been involved in an accident not far from where we were gathered and she did not know what to do. We left the party together in her car and I drove us to where the accident had occurred, a southbound service road of North Central Expressway in Dallas.

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