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My Car Accident and Insurance Claim Part 1

Two weeks ago, I was driving Sheri to work and we were involved in a car accident. The rain was coming down softly and we were talking about our plans for the day and that evening. I turned off our street, onto a larger street in east Dallas. I passed by the neighborhood 7-11 and the day care center while in the middle lane. A Cadillac Escalade was to my left waiting for oncoming traffic to turn onto a side street.

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Home Insurance and the Fire Claim

The Dallas Fire Department arrived at a home in east Dallas about 10 days ago. The home was on fire, yet they were able to put the fire out within 30 minutes. The good news is no one was hurt as the family wasn’t home when it started. It turns out the fire started in the attic. Some overloaded older wiring shorted, sparked and started the fire. What overloaded the wiring raises an interesting question about whether or not the home insurance will cover this fire claim.

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Car Insurance and Not-at-Fault Claims

Early in my insurance career, I was attending a larger party with a number of friends when a woman came up to me with tears in her eyes. Her husband, who was coming in their other car, had been involved in an accident not far from where we were gathered and she did not know what to do. We left the party together in her car and I drove us to where the accident had occurred, a southbound service road of North Central Expressway in Dallas.

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Speeding Tickets & Twitter

The last time I was “awarded” a speeding ticket was 10 years ago. Jonathan, his mom, and I were headed to College Station, Texas to celebrate Jordan’s birthday. I turned off I-45 in Madisonville when a local police official pulled behind me, switched on his lights, and pulled me over for speeding. I was, tried to talk my way out of it (I wasn’t paying attention, etc.) but it didn’t work; I still ended up with a speeding ticket.

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17 Steps You Can Take To Prevent Identity Theft

Identity theft, and the fraud associated with it, is a growing problem in the US and across the globe. Out of 2.06 million complaints reported to the Federal Trade Commission, 370,800 were identity theft related. In Texas, the rate of identity theft complaints rose 17% from 2011 to 2012, or 28, 299 up from 24,162.

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14 Steps to reduce your odds of being burglarized

Two weeks ago, we looked at the importance of having a home inventory. Having one helps any insured renter or homeowner be fully and accurately reimbursed for their contents if they’ve been burglarized or experience a loss from a fire or natural disaster. We followed up that post with what to do if you’ve been broken into. Avoiding being broken into is better yet.

Here are 14 steps you can take to reduce your odds of being burglarized by making it harder for a burglar, as published by the Dallas Police Department.

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