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Determining How Much Renters Insurance You Need

I’ve had an ongoing conversation with a prospective client on renter’s insurance. She’d been referred to me by a mutual friend who shared I could help her with getting a renter’s policy after moving out of a home she’d lived in for many years. The landlord does not require she have renter’s insurance, however, since she had moved out of a home our friend felt she needed the policy to protect what she owns.

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3 Types of Rental Property Insurance Policies

I have a number of clients across Dallas / Fort Worth who own rental property. Some are first time landlords while others own multiple rental properties and have done so for many years. It’s exciting for me to be a part of helping someone reach their financial dreams by protecting an asset that should grow in value over time. When working with a person buying their first rental property, I begin that discussion with a brief overview of the three types of rental property insurance policies.

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