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The Impact Rising Home Prices Have on Home Insurance

Home prices in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex have steadily risen since 2010. In December, they were up another 8.5% according to a recent Dallas Morning News article. Over the past 4 years, home prices in north Texas have surged more than 40%, and this impacts home buyers in several ways beyond just paying more for a home. The impact is felt with mortgages and even home insurance.

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Rising Home Prices Impact on Home Insurance

$207,000. As of April, that is now the median price for a home in north Texas. It represents an average 14% increase in home prices across the metroplex over 2013. The new median home price represents an increase of almost 60% over 2010’s valuation, at the depth of the recession. When compared to the previous high water mark set in 2007, the gain is over a third.

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