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The Number 1 Cause of Teen Deaths

What’s the number one cause of deaths among teens? It’s not drinking, drugs, or some type of illness, it’s car accidents. Surprised? Car accidents are responsible for over 2,600 teen deaths in 2013 and injured another 130,000 according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The number of teens dying in car accidents is up about 20% from 2011. What’s heartbreaking is most of these deaths are preventable.

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When to Add a Teen to Your Car Insurance Policy

I had two conversations with two different clients over the last two weeks about teen drivers and their car insurance policy. One client has a daughter that’s turning 16 so we worked through the steps of when to add her to the family’s policy. The second client has a daughter that’s turning 15 and will get her learner’s permit. In this instance, the mom wanted to know when she should add her daughter to the family’s insurance policy, as well as, whether it make a difference if her daughter takes a driver education class that’s instructor led or parent led.

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