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My Car Accident and Insurance Claim Part 2

Last week, I introduced the topic of Sheri’s and my car accident, which happened three weeks ago, and outlined what to do if you’re involved in an accident while at the accident scene. This week, I will outline the claim process we went through and how a decision we made a few months ago on our car’s coverage shaped our options. Maybe our experience will help you navigate a car insurance claim.

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My Car Accident and Insurance Claim Part 1

Two weeks ago, I was driving Sheri to work and we were involved in a car accident. The rain was coming down softly and we were talking about our plans for the day and that evening. I turned off our street, onto a larger street in east Dallas. I passed by the neighborhood 7-11 and the day care center while in the middle lane. A Cadillac Escalade was to my left waiting for oncoming traffic to turn onto a side street.

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