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Texas Monthly and D Magazine Awards for 2018

2018 marks the 8th year for Wise Insurance Group and it has been an exciting and rewarding year for us! It marks the first time I’ve been awarded both the D Magazine Best Home and Car Insurance agent in Dallas, and the third year in a row I’ve received Texas Monthly’s Five Star Award for Best Home / Auto Insurance Agent in Texas. This is the second time I’ve been recognized by D Magazine; the first being in 2013.

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D Magazine Best Award for 2013

On a cloudy day in March, I went by the post office to drop off some items and pick up my mail. There was the normal mail, a bill or two, a movie and a large envelope from D Magazine. I almost threw the D Magazine envelope away thinking it was a solicitation for a new subscription but didn’t. I was pretty amazed to learn I’d been selected as one of the Best Home and Auto Insurance Agents in Dallas 2013.

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