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Identity Theft Thoughts in the Wake of the Yahoo Breach

On Thursday, September 22, Yahoo confirmed data associated with at least 500 million user’s email accounts was breached in 2014 in what may be one of the largest data breaches ever. Some security experts think between 1 billion and 3 billion accounts may have been hacked by cyber criminals who sold the compromised date to an Eastern European nation state.

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Cyber Liability Insurance for Small Businesses

Unless you’ve totally unplugged from all news media and the internet over the past week, you’ve heard of the Heartbleed bug. The Heartbleed bug (it’s not a virus) is a vulnerability in the OpenSSL library, the software that makes your website and other sites secure when a person is reviewing banking records, making a purchase from your company, or updating their information or method of payment in their on-line account.

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Credit Card Breach at Target

One of my clients emailed me on Saturday. She’d recently shopped at a Dallas area Target store to pick up some items for Christmas and had just read the news about the credit card breach at Target stores across the country. She was concerned and wanted to know what to do.

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