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Home Insurance Coverage Options

What would life be without options? Most people assume that all home insurance policies provide the same coverage, or that they cover everything that could potentially happen to a home. They don’t. Due to differences in policy types and what insurance companies provide as standard coverage, there are several options I recommend to most home buyers or owners.

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Home Insurance Core Property Coverage

All Texas home insurance policies are divided into sections. These sections outline the level of coverage for property coverage, liability, what coverage is included, and what options may have been selected. Over the next few weeks, we’ll take a look at each of these. This week, we’ll focus our attention on property coverage.

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An Introduction to Home Insurance

I’m currently working with several Dallas area families on their home insurance. These families include three families who are wanting me to evaluate their current insurance and see if we can provide them with lower cost insurance options than they currently have. The other two are first time home buyers that were referred to me. They want me to find the right level of insurance for them, save them money, and educate them in the process.

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