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Do You Have the Right Commercial Insurance?

Over the past several weeks, I’ve had discussions and quote requests from 4 small business owners in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. Each of them is living the dream having started and building a successful small business through all of the hard work and long hours it takes to build a successful company. Each of the businesses are in different industries, but what was remarkable is their similarity as it related to their commercial insurance. Their commercial insurance coverage didn’t adequately protect them.

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Commercial Insurance and Terrorism Coverage

On a day in September with a clear blue sky over New York City where most people were going about their day dropping kids off at school, getting to work, and tackling the tasks on their to do lists, our lives were forever changed. American Flight 11 and United’s Flight 175 crash into the twin towers roughly 14 minutes apart. 37 minutes later …

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Commercial Insurance Basics: Property Coverage

There are two broad areas of coverage in a Business Owner’s Policy or BOP; liability and property coverage. Last week I introduced liability coverage and the types of protection found in many BOP packages. This week we’ll outline the property portion of a BOP and what it’s designed to protect.

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