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Car Insurance and College Students

If you have a son or daughter heading off to college, you’re in the midst of getting everything together, packed, and ready to either take them to school or preparing them to head off on their own. As busy are you may be right now, there are a couple of car insurance related topics that are worth taking a few moments to examine as a parent, and to talk about with your son or daughter before they step onto campus.

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Property Insurance for College Students

Students begin heading for college this week and classes will start in the next week or two. Along with the clothing, furniture, decorative items, and supplies they’ll be taking, there will also be smart phones, tablets, laptops, mini fridges, microwaves, coffee pots, game consoles, and a host of items to outfit the new dorm room or apartment.

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Car Insurance Discounts For Your College Student

Have a son or daughter in college? If so, then you probably feel like someone took an axe to your wallet and money’s draining out faster than you can put it in. Most parents of college students are looking for any kind of savings they can get when one of their kids goes to school.

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