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Car Insurance for Classic Cars

One of my all-time favorite vehicles is the 1974 to 1976 Toyota Land Cruiser. It technically was a four-passenger vehicle although the rear seats folded down from the sides and faced the middle. It had two doors, funky curved windows in the back corners, nice ground clearance, and a very utilitarian design. I thought they were very cool, but it wasn’t very pretty. A friend of mine recently bought one and is restoring it, so I thought this would be a good time to discuss car insurance for classic cars.

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Insuring Classic Cars

When I was 12, I was enthralled by a neighbor’s classic car. He’d restored a 1920’s Model A pickup and painted the body a deep green color with black fenders. The interior had been completely restored with new leather and all new wood for the bed and side rails. The rounded head lights were chromed along with the radiator, single tail light and horn. It gleamed in the light as he’d drive it around the neighborhood on the occasional weekend jaunt.

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