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Car Insurance Claim and Third Party Parts

I received a call from a client last year. She’d been in an accident and like most people I’ve worked with, wanted to know what to do. I confirmed she was not physically hurt, we reviewed what had happened, provided her with her car insurance policy number and the phone number for claims, then outlined a plan on how to best proceed. She drives a Lexus RX series so she had the car delivered to the shop of her choice which she gets to do according to Texas state law.

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Flying Ice and Car Insurance Claims

Driving in the Dallas / Fort Worth area is always entertaining when we have an ice storm. Those of us who grew up in Texas or the southern parts of the country are just not very good at driving on ice, although I don’t know anyone who is. Aside from the normal slipping and sliding on LBJ or North Central Expressway, we learned that “cobblestone” ice can be just as challenging as sheet ice. There were also some interesting things that occurred with falling or flying ice that led to a number of car insurance claims.

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7 Insurance Don’ts

The Dallas Morning News published an article in February 2010 of insurance don’ts that I filed away because it’s worthy of being repeated. This list applies to both car and home insurance claims, so let’s take a look at 7 things to avoid doing.

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