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Christmas Gifts

Christmas is less than a week away. The phone isn’t ringing as often and email has slowed too, as clients, friends, and business associates prepare for Christmas. I attended my last holiday party on Sunday and we’re now finalizing our preparations to spend time with our kids and grandchildren. It promises to be a wonderfully noisy time filled with plenty of hugs, laughter, stories, gifts, and too much food.

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The True Gifts of Christmas!

Tonight, my 3 sons, one with his girlfriend, one with his wife and my granddaughter, and one solo, came over to celebrate Christmas with Sheri and me. I cooked homemade pizza (their request), and tried out a new dessert on them (they approved). It was a wonderful time to crowd around the dining room table, tell stories, laugh, recite lines from movies, and talk about what’s going on in each person’s life.

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Avoiding a Holiday Home Break In

Pre-Black Friday, Black Friday, and Small Business Saturday has come and gone and today is Cyber Monday. In case you missed it, there are 24 more shopping days till Christmas, so you have plenty of time to find the perfect gift for loved ones or yourself!

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