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The Most and Least Stolen Vehicles

Every 43 seconds a vehicle is stolen in the US. That works out to about 3,000 vehicles a day or almost a million every year. Many of the cars stolen are older car models made in 1990’s through early 2000’s. That’s changing as crooks become smarter and use technology enabling them to defeat electronic locks and anti-theft measures. Some of the technologies even allow them to start your car without a key by using an electronic device that interacts with your car’s computer and start it tapping a screen.

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3 Things Car Thieves are Stealing

Car thieves don’t always steal the whole car, sometimes it’s only a part. My son drove a Ford Probe when he was attending Lake Highlands High School. One night, the car was parked on the street in front of our house and it was broken into. I did not discover it until the next morning when I saw wires poking out from the dash where the stereo had been. It was a cheap stereo to begin with but I was angry someone had taken it and had to confront feeling violated.

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