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I Got Hacked

Three weeks ago, I was outlining a post for Monday’s blog when I discovered my website had been hacked. My familiar main page featuring my latest two posts along with links to pages on home, car, life, and business insurance had been replaced by someone claiming to be a jihadist and that they now held all my previous posts. There was no request for ransom, just the smug comment they’d done this to me.

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Privacy Rights and Your Car

Is privacy dead? Most of us know that if we write a blog, tweet, share on Facebook, pin something on Pinterest, or share a video on YouTube, it’s probably not private. The same goes for email and those cookies which seem to track every website we visit. But did you know your car may have the ability to share more about you than you’d like?

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Digital Asset Considerations Before You Die

None of us lives forever, but our presence in social media may go on forever after we take our last breath. Planning for what we want the end of our life encompasses many things; wills, medical directives, HIPAA releases, cremation versus burial, and even what kind of a ceremony we may want. I’d like to add one more item to your list, what do you want to happen to your digital assets?

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