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Net Neutrality, Politics, and Small Business

On November 14 of last year, I wrote a blog post on why small businesses should care about net neutrality (see I wanted to revisit it because of a Wall Street Journal article posted on Monday, January 5th which stated Republicans in Congress are working on plans to fight the FCC’s rules on net neutrality. The FCC had to revisit the work they were doing on net neutrality after President Obama made a speech calling for a free and open internet available to all.

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Car Insurance and Driverless Cars

Driverless cars are coming, and they’re coming sooner than most of us think. One only has to search “driverless car” on Google, Yahoo, or Bing and there will appear over 3,000,000 results for your reading or viewing enjoyment. Google has retrofitted Lexus and Toyota models for testing, not to mention their 100 mini commuter cars that look very similar to a Little Tykes car my youngest son had.

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Drowning Prevention for Your Kids

Two seconds. That’s how long it takes for a child to drown. One Mississippi, two Mississippi and your life could be changed forever. Even if you don’t have a swimming pool, chances are you and your child(ren) will visit someone who does or you’ll join friends and family for an outing on a lake, river or at the ocean this summer.

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