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Connected Cars and Distracted Driving

The internet of things and connected cars made a splash in Dallas area media last week. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that AT&T is headquartered here! Connected cars are here and they are growing rapidly, even without a “killer app.” While AT&T has over 100 million customers using wireless, video, broadband, and even land lines services, the big growth potential appears to be connected cars.

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Why Small Businesses Should Care About Net Neutrality

Net neutrality, in pure layman’s terms, simply means a small business owner like myself gets the same access to people on the internet as large companies, such as Netflix, YouTube, eBay, etc. do. There’s no super-fast internet lane for them that they’ve paid for while Wise Insurance Group, Richardson Bike Mart, Hypnotic Donuts, or other small businesses are relegated to a poorly paved country road. Not only could millions of other small businesses be pushed onto a slow lane, we could potentially be blocked by an internet service provider such as AT&T, Comcast, or Time Warner, because we didn’t pay extra for access while a larger company did.

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