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3 Home Insurance Pricing Factors Not Related To Your Home

There are a number of factors which go into the computation of your home insurance premium including age, construction type (brick, wood frame, etc.), age, and roofing material. In addition, there are factors that shape the replacement cost of your home’s insured value which has a direct correlation to what you pay for insurance. These include the number of square, how many stories, the number of living areas, number and grade of bathrooms, kitchen grade (see, and is there a fireplace or swimming pool.

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Car Insurance and Population Growth

Texans have long proclaimed that everything is bigger in Texas! If you look at the population growth numbers for the top ten metropolitan areas from July 1, 2012 to July 1, 2013, that’s been especially true for Texas. In a Dallas morning news story published on Thursday, March 27, Texas has two of the top ten metropolitan areas in the country. They are Houston and Dallas / Fort Worth.

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Where are The Worst Drivers in Texas?

Allstate Insurance Company recently released their annual list of cities with the best and worst drivers. Sadly, no city in Texas was included in the top 10 list for best or safest drivers. The only good news is no city in Texas made it in the top 10 of worst drivers either.

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