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Why You Need Renters Insurance

Why does anyone who rent’s an apartment condo, or single family home need renters insurance? Aside from many apartment complexes or landlords requiring it, renters insurance protects the renter from financial loss when something happens such as a fire, water leak, or theft.

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A Renter’s Story & Why You Should Have Renter’s Insurance

I got a text message from a client and friend of mine, John Brooks. John’s a realtor with Keller Williams in Dallas (www.johnbrookstherealtor.com) and he and his wife, Aggie, live in a loft style apartment near downtown. The text message was a picture of their dog watching a fan blow air across the floor that let me know they’d experienced a water leak. I called John while m y wife, Sheri, and I were heading to meet some friends for dinner, so I could get the full scoop.

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