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Car Insurance: When Should Your Kids Have Their Own?

My friend’s son graduated from Texas A&M University and moved to Dallas to begin working with a company in the Las Colinas area. As the mom and I discussed the policy, I asked her how long she planned to leave her son on their car insurance policy. She and her husband were thinking about “encouraging” him to get his own policy now that he’s on his own. In response, I asked her if she’d like to know what I recommend all my parents who are facing the same decision.

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A Couple’s Life Insurance Criteria

I met with a young couple six months ago. They were expecting their first child and the husband wanted to talk about life insurance. The arrival of a child is a time when many couples explore life insurance and I was honored and delighted to be consulted to assist them.

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Identity Protection for College Students

I’m amazed at the level of technology available on our college campuses. For those who are my age, we had an electric typewriter that may have been self-correcting. In order to access a computer we had to schedule time in a special facility on campus and even then, programming was done on punch cards. Things have come a long way since then.

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