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How Does a DUI Impact Your Car Insurance?

It’s New Year’s Eve. 2013 draws to an end tonight and tomorrow a New Year dawns. Your outfit’s picked out and reservations are made for dinner and the after dinner party. Or maybe you’re going with a group of friends to a club. Or maybe you’re hosting the party at your house. Champagne is chilled and hors d’oeuvres are ready! So what’s to worry? Plenty if you drink too much and get a DUI.

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New Year’s Resolutions 2013

?Christmas is over. The decorations are put away, the tree dropped off at Home Depot for recycling, and 2013 has arrived. If you watched any TV in the past 48 hours you probably noticed a lot of commercials about weight loss and quitting smoking, two of the more popular resolutions every year. Many people make resolutions prior to ringing in the New Year. Other’s don’t make resolutions and argue we should set goals and objectives instead. My belief is whichever method works for you is the right one!

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