Life insurance is the cornerstone of a solid personal financial plan.  It takes care of those we leave behind and helps fulfill the dreams we have for our families even when we’re not there.

Wise Insurance Group understands this need and the desire to leave a legacy.  How much you need depends primarily on what you want it to do.  For instance, some of our clients want enough to,

  • Pay off debt such as credit cards, cars, and possibly a home
  • Provide for a college education for the kids
  • Enable a surviving spouse to not have to work for a while

The options are endless however, what really matters is what are your goals for that money?  We work with each client to help determine what that is and then work to find the most affordable way to provide that coverage.

Our approach to life insurance is straightforward;

  • We don’t believe that life insurance is an investment.
  • Our focus is on providing cost effective term life policies based on the amount of coverage and duration you need.
  • In some instances, we may recommend a small permanent policy to help with any final expenses.
  • We recommend both spouses have their own policy.

If you’d like a life insurance quote, click on the link and we’ll prepare a summary of options for you.

I trust Evie’s judgment and have great respect for her as my insurance agent. I would recommend Wise Insurance Group to others without reservation!