Home Insurance Fraud

Most people don’t think about insurance fraud, yet it does exists and is a problem for insurance companies, as well as you and me. Last week, I introduced this topic by looking at car insurance fraud (see https://wiseinsurancegroup.com/car-insurance-fraud/) using two examples that were in the news. Here, I continue the theme by examining it by looking at fraudulent home insurance claims.

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The Home Fire and the $20,000 Fire Department Bill

On August 12th, Justin and Kasia Purcell of Surprise, Arizona were away from their home and staying with relatives while awaiting the birth of a child. They received a call that night from a neighbor letting them know their home was on fire. They drove the 45 minutes home after that call and arrived to find firefighters putting out the flames to what had been their home. It was a total loss and no one knows what caused the blaze.

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