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Rental Property Insurance for Multiple Properties

I work with a number of clients who own rental property; some are just starting out with their first property while others have been at it for years and own multiple units. Most people who are starting with their first rental property tend to insure them with the same company that insures their primary home and cars. Those that own multiples may continue to insure theirs in the same way, but is this the best way?

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Rental Property Insurance Coverage

Last week we introduced the three types of rental property insurance policies; fire, Dwelling Policy Form 1, and Dwelling Policy Form 3 (see I’d like to build on that in this week’s post with a look at the coverage that should be on a Form 3 Dwelling Policy in order to provide the best coverage for the property owner.

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3 Types of Rental Property Insurance Policies

I have a number of clients across Dallas / Fort Worth who own rental property. Some are first time landlords while others own multiple rental properties and have done so for many years. It’s exciting for me to be a part of helping someone reach their financial dreams by protecting an asset that should grow in value over time. When working with a person buying their first rental property, I begin that discussion with a brief overview of the three types of rental property insurance policies.

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