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Do These Car Insurance Claims Count?!

I had two interesting conversations over the past two weeks. One was with a client I was assisting with their car insurance renewal, the other was with a colleague who was working on a car insurance quote for a prospective client. Both of the conversations are worth sharing here as they provide a great lesson on how even a small claim can impact your car insurance rate.

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Car Insurance and Not At Fault Accidents

I was reviewing a car insurance quote with a woman from Richardson last week, and she asked me a question after I confirmed her claims history. She had one claim for an accident that wasn’t her fault. Her question was, does an accident that wasn’t her fault still count against her?

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The Impact a Claim has on your Car Insurance

“Will a claim cause my car insurance rate to increase? “ This is one of the most frequently asked questions I hear when talking with a client about an accident. The short answer is yes. I don’t always know how much of an impact an insurance claim will have on any person’s specific renewal premium, but claims do have an impact on their rate.

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