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The Nationwide Insurance Super Bowl Ad

Sheri and I met up at a friend’s home in Carrollton Sunday night to watch the Super Bowl. It was an enjoyable time with good food, great conversation, and one of the best games I’ve seen in a long time. Throw in the commercials for some laughter and it was a great time with everyone staying until the clock ran out.

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Side Impact Tests for Child Car Seats

?Car seats have been designed to protect a child from injury and death when the vehicle they’re riding in is involved in an accident. Since their introduction, car seats have saved thousands of children’s lives.

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Car Safety Items for your New Car

What do you look for when you go car shopping; the model, styling, or color? Maybe it’s the options such as blue tooth, navigation system, heated seats, and moon roof. Or will you decide based on how you’re going to use it; shuttle kids, haul tools to a job site, go camping, or just to and from work? I’d like to suggest you add safety equipment to your evaluation criteria too!

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