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Car Insurance and College Students

If you have a son or daughter heading off to college, you’re in the midst of getting everything together, packed, and ready to either take them to school or preparing them to head off on their own. As busy are you may be right now, there are a couple of car insurance related topics that are worth taking a few moments to examine as a parent, and to talk about with your son or daughter before they step onto campus.

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BFF Wrecks Your Car. Who’s Car Insurance Pays?

You and three of your best friends are headed to the Texas Hill country for a weekend to get away and catch up with each other. You’ve been looking forward to it for weeks! It’s been a very long week with late nights to wrap up a project before heading out of town and you’re tired. You ask one of your friends to drive your car while you rest. They accidentally clip another car while passing. No one got hurt, but it’s your friend’s fault and your car.

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4 Reasons Your Car Insurance Rate Increased

I’ve had a couple of interesting discussions with clients about their car insurance renewals. In both cases, their car insurance rate increased and both wanted to know why. Most of the carriers systems don’t give me a clear reason, so I called each company and we reviewed each client’s policy together. Most of the factors that led to rate increases were understandable and one was a surprise.

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